Version a0.8.20 is out

Version a0.8.20 - Release notes:


  1. In the main HUD you can now see the current sector coordinates and threat level.


  1. Weapons can now add or remove O2 from the impact cells.  Example: In the weapon model set the parameter OXYGEN=100 or -100 (it's in % of the max O2 in a cell) 
  2. Weapons can now be non hostile.  Example: In the weapon model set the parameter HOSTILE=0 
  3. Unrecognized event, dialogue and model parameters are now shown in logs.

Bug fixes:

  1. SERVER_VARIABLE_PRESENT/ABSENT conditions - fixed any_value parameter
  2. Ship AI ai_id - fixed saving set ID
  3. When Teleporting multiple mobs/players they no longer get melded like in the old movie The Fly


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Dec 28, 2018

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