Version a0.8.30 is out


  1. After beating the main story, a new threat will appear, and game will transform into an open world MMO like thing, where you have to defend the Main player hub from periodical attacks of the new alien race. And you have to find the main base of the bad guys to beat them.
  2. Player station construction.(Aliens will be attacking player stations)
  3. Star gate construction.
  4. Defense platform construction and management.
  5. You can now buy ships in shops.
  6. Automated mining(with the use of defense platforms and special mining weapons).
  7. Space whales and whale hunters.
  8. Added different mob handheld weapons that you can buy from NPC traders.
  9. After dying you have 50% chance of loosing your handgun and reverting to the one that is default for your race.
  10. After dying you get affected by cloning sickness which lowers your repairing and fighting skills for a period of time.


    1. Races are now modable.
    2. Handguns are modable.
    3. A bunch of new parameters for events and conditions. (all added to the example.xml2)

    Bug fixes:

    1. Lots and lots of bug fixes.


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    Nov 21, 2021

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