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Ever wanted to play FTL with your friends, as a team, in a coop multiplayer run?

Well basically Tachyon is a multiplayer version of FTL.

But with it's own engine, logic, mechanics and of course some additional features - like being able to leave your ship for example.

Also the game is made to be quite a bit mod-able, so you can create your own multiplayer adventures.

You can host your own local server for a private coop game with your friends. Or you can host an MMO server to roam around hundreds of thousands of sectors with other space pilots.

Tachyon is currently a WIP, so the amount of content is going to grow.

But at the same time all releases are very stable and contain minimal amount of bugs.

Version a0.8.21 - Release notes:


  1. Added ip info to the server console /online command
  2. Music files in the playlist.dat now can be marked to have a parallel transition between ambient and battle (like in FTL)
  3. New door sounds for energy doors - (Thanks Arilou Lalee'lay)


  1.  In dialogues you can now have a player type in their reply.
    Example: <reply id="T3" text="[INPUT]Input your name." regex="^[a-zA-Z0-9 -]+$" next="Test125"/>
  2. In the modify ship event remove_system_type and remove_system_model now completely remove the system from the ship.
    In order to simply uninstall a ships system into it's cargo hold you can now use uninstall_system_type and uninstall_system_model
  3. If npc's dialogue message starts with [SKIP] then it won't be shown in the dialogue lines.
  4. If a dialogue reply text ends with [AUTO] then that dialogue reply will be selected automatically.

Bug fixes:

  1. Unable to move while in HS on-board ai ship.
  2.  Ejecting a specific system type from cargo via modify ship event was ejecting everything.
  3. Door control/shields/sensors and other system screens were broken in non default resolution.
  4. Slaver ships were not fighting back
  5. You can no longer hack a broken system

By default the game pack contains events configured to create a coop story mode universe. But several modders are working on an MMO mod. You can get more details on this on our Discord channel.


Currently the game is being redesigned to have it's own and better sprites.

Anyone who donates >=5$ will get a free copy of the game once it's out. It will be sent to the E-mail address that is linked to the donation.


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