Version a0.8.21 is out

Version a0.8.21 - Release notes:


  1. Added ip info to the server console /online command
  2. Music files in the playlist.dat now can be marked to have a parallel transition between ambient and battle (like in FTL)
  3. New door sounds for energy doors - (Thanks Arilou Lalee'lay)


  1.  In dialogues you can now have a player type in their reply. Example: <reply id="T3" text="[INPUT]Input your name." regex="^[a-zA-Z0-9 -]+$" next="Test125"/>
  2. In the modify ship event remove_system_type and remove_system_model now completely remove the system from the ship. In order to simply uninstall a ships system into it's cargo hold you can now use uninstall_system_type and uninstall_system_model
  3. If npc's dialogue message starts with [SKIP] then it won't be shown in the dialogue lines.
  4. If a dialogue reply text ends with [AUTO] then that dialogue reply will be selected automatically.

Bug fixes:

  1. Unable to move while in HS on-board ai ship.
  2.  Ejecting a specific system type from cargo via modify ship event was ejecting everything.
  3. Door control/shields/sensors and other system screens were broken in non default resolution.
  4. Slaver ships were not fighting back
  5. You can no longer hack a broken system


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Jan 08, 2019

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