Version(a0.8.33) is out

Mac users still can download any version, but will have to install JAVA of version <= 14.

Release notes:


  1. Added possibility to pack up defense platforms.
  2. Made Battleships a bit less rare.
  3. Made good mining lasers(extractors) a bit less rare.
  4. Added separate hirable NPC "classes" with different stats/purposes: Engineer (old hireable npcs) - Repairs and fights back but is weak. Security - Only fights back but better. Repair droid - Good at repairs but is weak and won't defend. Boarder - Sticks around in your teleporter so you can send them over to other ships for boarding action. (You are responsible for bringing them back!) Captain NPC, which take control of a ship under your command and can be given orders to. (You can now build a fleet even solo)
  5. Teleporter has a new button now - TP Self only.
  6. Teleporter now allows to teleport others only if they are marked as your friends. (Read F1 in game)
  7. Made the star map bigger - 600 x 600
  8. Made gate construction and travel cheaper(a tiny bit).
  9. Made medbays super less rare.
  10. Made it possible to skip directly to the open world content.
  11. Added possibility to execute events from server console.
  12. Added logging to files(Finally :D )
  13. Added the possibility to use Ctrl+V to paste in chat.


  1. A bunch of new parameters for events and conditions. (all added to the example.xml2)

Bug fixes:

  1. Hopefully fixed the desync in npc movement.


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