a0.8.19 is out

Version a0.8.19 - Release notes: 

This release is made mostly by modders requests, while I'm working on the steam version of the game.

Modding features:

  1. World gen events are now sorted by name before execution
  2. Added possibility for conditions related to projectile events to be based on both the target and shooter ship at the same time.  Ex. If target ship is missing 5+ hull, and origin ship has 1+ drone, trigger event <condition type="SHIP_SYSTEM_PRESENT"> <!-- Check_target_ship and check_shootership are used only by events --> <!-- that are triggered by ship projectiles on hit. --> <!-- Available in all SHIP... events. --> <condition_param check_target_ship="1"> </condition_param> <condition_param check_shooter_ship="1"> </condition_param> <condition_param system_type="SHIELDS"> </condition_param> <condition_param qty="1"></condition_param>  </condition>
  3. Added possibility to jettison items from ship's cargo via events.  (ex. If npc ship accidentally picks up cargo, spit it back out) In the MODIFY_SHIP event: eject_direction="UP" eject_system_type_from_cargo="SHIELDS" eject_system_model_from_cargo="BASIC_LASER1" eject_all_cargo eject_scrap eject_missiles eject_drones random_eject_direction
  4. Added possibility to remove specific instances of ship ai instead of all of the same type. Ex. remove one event_trigger without removing the other event_trigger. When adding an AI give it some id: <ship_ai_param ai_id="abc123"></ship_ai_param> Then in the modify ship event use: <event_param remove_ship_ai_id="abc123"></event_param>
  5. Modify ship event <event_param hyper_jump="100:200"></event_param> No longer requires the ship to have a functioning Hyper drive
  6. In the SERVER_VARIABLE_PRESENT/ABSENT condition - added a new parameter. <condition_param any_value="1"></condition_param>
  7. Added [MOB_POS] and [SHIP_POS] placeholders that can be used in events and conditions.
  8. Added [PROJ_POS] placeholder that can be used in events and conditions tied to projectile hit events.
  9. In the Spawn ship and Spawn NPC events the pos parameter can now have a reference to a variable, including the mentioned above. (Previously it was expecting a strict XX:YY value)
  10. In the ship editor you can now press C to see the cell coordinates
  11. In the MODIFY_SHIP_EVENT added a new parameter:  chain_events_to_modified  If set to 1, then it passes only the ships that were modified in the current event to all chain events.
  12. Changed the core event files to not use a hard-coded ship name Falcon.  Now it uses the name that is set in the VAR(PLAYER_SHIP_NAME) variable. This allows the modders to make own player ships.

Bug fixes:

  1. LEVEL_LOADER AI - was broken
  2. NPC_EVENT_TRIGER AI - was broken
  3. SCAVENGER AI - was broken
  4. SHIP_CARGO_PRESENT/ABSENT condition - was broken
  5. SECTOR_SHIPS_PRESENT condition - crew parameter was ignored.
  6. Hacking page - buttons alignment on higher resolutions - was broken


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Sep 10, 2018

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