Version a0.8.17 is out

Version a0.8.17 - Release notes:


  1. In the star map you can now see the ship's travel path for last 10 sectors
  2. Type in chat /SHIPID to get the id of the ship you are on.
  3. Type in chat /SETSPAWN <SHIP ID> to set spawn on a ship without accessing it's Med bay. - Useful to get players to the ship when they join the midgame.
  4. Added a mini chat window in top right corner of the screen. To see the messages while using some system.
  5. AZERTY keyboard support in settings menu
  6. You can now access the settings from the ingame menu.
  7. Added the screen resolutions selection in settings - there might still be bugs related to different resolutions, please report them on the Discord.
  8. Improved the font a bit in some places.
  9. Fixed the color scheme, if you notice any issues - report on Discord.
  10. Added a little bit of content - just the first steps more to come


  1. New ship AI BOARDING_MANAGER. Manages NPC boarders.
  2. Made it easier to start the game with your own custom ship:  For that open the event file D31 events.xml.  There in the event SPAWN_D31, change SPAWN_FALCON to SPAWN_CUSTOM_FALCON. Then in the SPAWN_CUSTOM_FALCON event change ship_model="FALCON" to your custom model.
  3. In the modify ship event you can now: (de)charge_system_model,  (de)charge_system_type,  (de)charge_cloak,  install_system_model_direct - (allows you you specify where to install the system)


  1. Traders now have more stock.
  2. Storm hazard now also damage systems and can kill mobs in open space.

Bug fixes:

  1. A little bit more refactoring to win in the Lag war. In bigger screen resolutions - npcs might move with a stutter. Still working on improving this.
  2. Other small bug fixes here and there.


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Mar 29, 2018

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