Version a0.8.11 - Release notes:


  1. Shops not accessible in combat
  2. Chat window now stays up a bit longer on incoming messages
  3. NPC Life support AI now sends NPCs to heal and replenish O2 while ship is in hyperspace.


  1. Shops not accessible in combat.
  2. Evasion per engines power increased to 3%
  3. EMP weapons are now more rare
  4. More scrap drops
  5. Some weapons charge times changed.


  1. Evasion per engines power is now configurable in server's config file
  2. For each ship system with param BREAK_ON_UNINSTALL=0 a copy is generated with BREAK_ON_UNINSTALL=1, RARITY=100, PRICE=0. These systems will have the same name as the original but with a prefix BOU_

Bug fixes:

  1. Players' "Use systems" animation was not working.


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Jan 26, 2018

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