Version a0.8.9 released

Version a0.8.9 - Release notes:

New features:

  1. Added Cloaking system
  2. Added Beam weapons system
  3. Weapons can now have AOE.
  4. You can now toggle the ship's self defense AI on and off, using the /SHIPDEF chat command.
  5. Re-implemented the old keyboard movement controls: WASD - move, X - combat mode, SPACE - use system
  6. Reactors now receive only 25% EMP damage.
  7. Ship's evasion is now = 2% * Current engines charge rate.


  1. You can now have events that happen when a ship jumps, takes damage, or dies.
  2. Modify ship event can now add or remove a range of sectors to be considered as explored ones.
  3. Added the new Remove ship event
  4. Added a new Random ship generator
  5. Removed ship icons from the client folder - now it uses the scaled image of the ship isntead.
  6. Weapons in gen ships - removed param #13
  7. Added the new Play music/sound event
  8. Added events that happen when a projectile hits a ship(can be applied to the shooter or the target)
  9. Added the new Peace keeper Ship AI
  10. Modify ship event can now install a system onto the ship into a random room(if there is enough space)
  11. Life support AI and AntiLifesuport AI now also make sure that the shield system is powered up.
  12. Modify sector event can mark a sector to be visible to all players on any ship.
  13. In the Spawn ship event you can now specify a ship_model to use instead of a gen_ship_model.
  14. Modify ship event can now add_ship_ai to the ship
  15. Spawn ship event now has a new parameter chain_events_to_created. If it's set to 1 then all chain events from this Spawn ship event will be applied to the ships that were created by this Spawn ship event.
  16. All events now have a new parameter chain_events_to_created_by_children. If it's set to 1 then all chain events from this Event will be applied to the ships that were created by preceding chain events.
  17. You can now specify which races are available for choosing, whenever it is necessary to choose a random race for some NPC.

Other improvements:

  1. Improved network performance.
  2. Dashes ( - ) are now allowed in the Server IP field
  3. Teleport system's ShieldsPass param not updated
  4. Multiple other small bug fixes.

Also a new story mode is being developed. It will contain a lot more different random events.


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Jan 14, 2018

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